Andy Broomfield

Brighton Based Full Stack Web Developer

I am a Freelance Full Stack Web Developer with experince in Drupal, Wordpress, Codeigniter, CSS, Javascript and good old fashioned semantic HTML.

I'm part responsible for building Makerhood, a community of Makers in south London. Kitchen Door Workshop, a place to order replacement and updated kitchen components. Ruumi, a former network for houesharers in London. Alongside that I have helped build a variety of websites for agencies and end clients. I've also been involed in community groups, from the early Space Makers network in Brixton Village Market and West Norwood Feast, through to Brighton Based WLT/Make, a tech and artist group and meet up, and helping with Brigton City Camp.

I'm currently looking for new projects and very interested in any social enterprise and tech for good projects.

Currently found in Brighton and South London.